Roster Verification


Teacher value-added data are used for a number of diagnostic and evaluative purposes, including teacher evaluations. The teacher student claiming process plays a crucial role in ensuring that there is accurate data for calculating teacher value-added reports and evaluation composites. Shortly before the launch of fall and spring state testing, teachers use the teacher student claiming (TSC) process to claim students they taught during the school year. Once teachers have completed and approved their claiming rosters, the rosters are used in calculating teacher value-added scores (TVAAS).


Additional Guidance

  • In order to be included in TVAAS calculations and to ensure reliable data to assess growth, students must have sufficient prior testing history (three prior assessments).
  • Subject-specific components of a state assessment count as separate tests.
  • Only students that have a three year prior testing history are included in growth calculations.
  • More information about TVAAS can be found here.
  • Students that are claimed by a teacher but are labeled as part-time during the linkage process due to insufficient instructional days are not included in the individual growth score calculation.
  • For the EOC: Teachers must claim at least 10 separate students with testing history who add up to 6 full-time equivalent students to earn an individual growth score.
  • For TCAP: Teachers must claim at least 6 full-time equivalent students to earn an individual growth score.