Continuous improvement is at the core of all things evaluation.  One of the ways improvement is built into evaluation is through introducing innovative practices into the system.

Innovation is occurring all over Tennessee and most of it originates within districts and schools.  We do our best to capture many of these innovations in the Best Practices section.

Below you will find three categories of innovation that are occurring in partnership with TDOE:

  • Video Capture Technology – Video is full of potential. Schools across the state are in the process of learning how to use video to meet their instructional development needs.
  • Student Perception Surveys – Research shows the power of the student voice in providing feedback to their teachers.  Districts across the state are using student surveys to provide higher quality and more reliable feedback to teachers.
  • Research – Internally and through various partnerships, we are continuing to build our knowledge of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to evaluation and developing instructional practice.