How Do IPI Partnerships Work?

The end goal of the Instructional Partnership Initiative (IPI) is to increase student achievement through teacher collaboration on instructional practice. This partnership is intended to be dynamic and allow for true personalization for individual teachers.

The IPI is:

  • an opportunity for discussion and sharing, in which teachers determine their own goals and meeting agendas;
  • a two-way partnership where both teachers can learn; and
  • a voluntary commitment that is responsive to the needs of each individual teacher.

The IPI is not:

  • a coaching or mentoring relationship;
  • a specific program or curriculum; or
  • required.


Teachers will receive a guidebook that provides suggested activities. Core strategies partnerships might use include:

  • meeting after each others’ formal evaluation observations to discuss results;
  • visiting each others’ classrooms to observe practices in action and refine strategies;
  • developing individualized strategies for improvement focused on the formal feedback received, and sensitive to the teacher’s students and context
  • planning lessons together; and
  • following up on each others’ commitments and goals.