Is IPI Effective?

The Instructional Partnership Initiative (IPI) was piloted in several districts throughout Tennessee over the last two years. The randomly selected schools participating in the pilot initiative, then called the Evaluation Partnership Program, showed significant positive results, including:

  • participating schools had TCAP scores that were 5 points higher in reading, and 6 points higher in math than the control schools;
  • students of teachers with lower evaluation scores who participated in a partnership had TCAP scores that were 12 points higher on average than the scores of students taught by similar teachers in control schools; and
  • teachers’ evaluation ratings increased and their views of the evaluation system improved after participation in the IPI.

In addition to fostering higher test scores, principals reported many other benefits. The IPI helped principals provide concrete evidence of:

  • promoting shared leadership by leveraging the expertise of high-performing teachers;
  • building capacity in the school for continuous improvement; and
  • facilitating peer to peer feedback among teachers.