Student Growth Portfolio Models

The First to the Top Act of 2010 outlined a comprehensive evaluation system for teachers based on multiple measures of effectiveness, including student growth indicators. As such, developing comparable measures for teachers in non-tested grades and subjects continues to be a top priority for the department.

Portfolio growth models produce authentic student growth measures unique to an individual teacher’s students. Through video, audio, and still pictures of student work, teachers capture student growth in real time. Many educators cite professional learning as an added benefit of implementing the portfolio process.

Tennessee currently uses the following portfolio growth models:

See the Portfolio Resources page for guidebooks, scoring guides, and other resources for educators in non-tested grades and subject areas listed above.

Portfolio growth model scores maintain all the rights, responsibilities, and legalities of a growth measure attained from a TCAP test, and are treated as such within the evaluation process and with human capital decisions.

Tennessee continues to pilot new growth models in other areas, and is always working to expand and refine coverage. With any thoughts on additional areas that could benefit from a student growth portfolio model, or if you are interested in piloting a portfolio growth model in your district, please contact Portfolio.Questions@tn.gov.