Micro-credentials are a way for teachers to demonstrate professional competencies and provide evidence of outcomes from professional learning. Their strength lies in the flexibility, voice and choice, and relevance they provide teachers. Teachers have control over how the learning occurs and can choose topics that are most relevant to them and their students at the time. While teachers can earn micro-credentials independently, the department conducted the Tennessee Micro-credential Pilot to gather feedback and explore avenues for providing more personalized learning for educators across the state.

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Teacher Impressions of Micro-credentials

How many times have you said or heard, “We have to differentiate everything for our students, so why don’t we have differentiated professional development for us?” This is it!  We get to choose, adapt, and create work that is meaningful to our students that already aligns to what we’re doing in class. -Amy Kate McMurry, Tennessee

I actually got a 4 on my evaluation this year.  The highest I got last year was a 3 and I do think it had something to do with the MC because I ask better questions. My lesson plans look a whole lot better, too. -Year One Pilot Participant

[Earning a] micro-credential has enabled me to immediately implement the knowledge gained from the research…. I can instantly apply my learning to my classroom instruction. [Professional learning through a] micro-credential has allowed me to be in charge of my own learning in a way that is meaningful and applicable. – Stephanie Gouge, Tennessee

This experience with the micro-credential process has made a positive impact on my instructional practices in the classroom. MCs have allowed me to integrate meaningful, rigorous, and applicable instruction to my students. Thank you for this tool to better myself professionally. -Jessica Ridley, Washington County

The micro-credential program is a win-win for our state and teachers. As we move toward more rigorous standards, we need to develop and hone our expertise with teaching strategies. Micro-credentials give teachers latitude to determine which areas they are interested in developing and then be recognized in that area. -Dana Siegel, Collierville

I used the information I learned from the MC to dramatically redesign a project I had assigned to my students…. I immediately noticed when I made the changes that the quality of my students’ work and their collaborative efforts improved, resulting in amazing results and great discussions in class. -Marc Walls, Clarksville-Montgomery