Professional Learning Packages

Professional learning packages are professional development tools designed to deepen educators’ understanding of key topics related to TEAM. Packages are aligned with Tennessee’s professional learning standards and are intended to be off-the-shelf collaborative learning resources that can be used flexibly based on needs.

All packages are designed to be led by a learning facilitator and completed in a group setting with reflection and discussion. Each professional learning package is composed of a series of connected learning sessions. With any questions, please reach out to or your district’s TEAM coach.

TEAM Teacher Early Grades Literacy

During the summer of 2018, TEAM observers of pre-K through 3rd grade attended an in-person recertification training focused on best practices for planning, environment, and instruction in early grades literacy classrooms. Based on feedback from participants, the department has reshaped this training so that the content could be used to provide professional learning for classroom teachers.

2018-19 TEAM Teacher Early Grades Professional Learning Package (PPT)
2018-19 TEAM Teacher Early Grades Professional Learning Package Pacing Guide (PDF)

Inter-Rater Reliability

Inter-rater reliability is essential to the teacher evaluation process to eliminate biases and sustain transparency, consistency, and impartiality. This package will not only support a deeper understanding of TEAM, but also provide a structure for ensuring high-quality feedback is provided to teachers across observations. Additionally, it will improve teacher perception of local implementation of teacher evaluation.

While norming of observation ratings occurs in initial TEAM training, this practice should be ongoing in districts to ensure observers remain normed and do not begin to drift towards inflation or deflation of ratings over time. This practice also ensures a common and consistent interpretation of the TEAM observation framework. In this professional learning package, participants will calibrate observation scores and feedback while exploring the foundational understandings necessary to ensure accuracy and quality.

TEAM Professional Learning Package Guidance Document: Inter-Rater Reliability for all modules (this will be updated as more modules become available)

Module 1: Accurate Ratings

Learning Session 1: Understanding Performance Levels, Indicators, and Descriptors

Learning Session 2: Calibration of Ratings