Common Practices

See below for some common practices used by evaluators across the state.

Coaching Conversations

The purpose of TEAM evaluation is to help all of our educators continuously improve their practice. An incredibly important part of helping educators improve their practice is engaging in regular, substantive coaching conversations based around student learning data and observation data. These coaching conversations can be a useful tool to guide any conversations with educators throughout the year, but they are required for teachers who previously scored a level 1 on their individual growth or overall effectiveness rating. We have provided sample videos to demonstrate the key elements of a coaching conversation.

Principal and Teacher Questioning Tips

We have assembled some best practices, tips, and resources on developing the questioning indicator.

  • Tips for Teachers” focuses on five strategies teachers can employ to improve their questioning skills, as well as links to helpful resources.
  • Guidance for Principals” includes post-conference questions to ask, strategies for improvement, and sample professional development action plans.

Using Evaluation Data to Drive Improvements in Instructional Practice

The TEAM evaluation system serves as an excellent tool to help evaluators provide educators with constructive feedback to improve their instructional practice.  As evaluators think about how to use evaluation data, we recommend starting with the question, “What do I want to know?” Once evaluators have determined their purpose, they can start digging into the data.

Toolkit for Social and Emotional Learning

The toolkit below is intended to demonstrate how social and emotional learning is implicitly connected to work already underway in schools and embedded throughout the TEAM rubric. It provides some high-impact strategies and example videos to help you better incorporate social emotional learning in your districts and schools.


Circle of Experts

This process is designed to be used with the portfolio growth models, but can be adapted for any type of feedback session.  The Circle of Experts, based on a Socratic Seminar, is an effective way to facilitate conversations between educators, allowing them to share ideas, experiences, and best practices.

Teacher Leadership

Teacher Leader Model Standards

Teacher Leadership Self-Reflection Inventory (word)
Teacher Leadership Self-Reflection Inventory (PDF)