Observation Tools

The 2018-19 TEAM Teacher Evaluator Handbook includes the following observation tools and resources:

  • Performance standards
  • Evaluation rubrics
  • Observation guidelines
  • Observation guidance documents for educators who operate in unique situations
  • Scoring and conference planning templates

Professionalism Forms
TEAM Professionalism Rating Report (Word)
TEAM Professionalism Rating Report (PDF)

School Services Personnel Observation Forms
TEAM School Services Personnel Observation Form (Word)
TEAM School Services Personnel Observation Form (PDF)

Library Media Specialist Observation Forms
TEAM LMS Observation Form (Word)
TEAM LMS Observation Form (PDF)

General Educator Observation Forms
TEAM General Educator Observation Form (Word)
TEAM General Educator Observation Form (PDF)

Reinforcement and Refinement Tracking

By tracking areas of reinforcement and refinement for teachers in a deliberate way, it is easy to see and draw upon the strengths within your own building. Districts might also consider looking at patterns across schools for additional resource identification. Here is a sample tool for your use: Reinforcement and Refinement Tracker

District-Developed Walk-Through Sample Templates