Growth Measures

The quantitative portion of TEAM combines student growth and student achievement.

  • For teachers with individual value-added scores, the student growth measures shall be comprised of TVAAS scores.
  • For teachers, librarians, counselors and other groups of educators who do not have individual TVAAS scores, districts will choose from a list of options that have been shown capable of measuring student growth. The list of options is approved by the Department of Education prior to the start of each school year. The current list of options includes:
    • Early Grades Assessment
    • Student Growth Portfolio Models
      • Fine Arts
      • First Grade
      • Physical Education
      • Pre-K/Kindergarten
      • World Languages 
  • For principals and other school administrators who spend at least fifty percent of their time on administrative duties, the student growth measure will be the school-level value-added score.

For guidance on 2018-19 growth measure availability and selection, click here: Selection of Student Growth Measures – Fall 2018.

The department will work to develop valid and reliable student growth measures for those areas that do not currently have them. In lieu of the availability of growth measures for all educators without individual TVAAS scores, school-level value-added scores will be the standard student growth measure while other growth measures are in development. For instructions on batch-uploading growth measures into TNCompass, click here: Growth & Achievement Measure Import Instructions.

Claiming Requirements for Individual Growth

For the EOC: Teachers must claim at least 10 separate students with testing history who add up to 6 full-time equivalent students to earn an individual growth score.

For TCAP: Teachers must claim at least 6 full-time equivalent students to earn an individual growth score.

Students must have sufficient prior testing history to be included in the TVAAS calculations to ensure that we have reliable data to assess growth.  Students must have taken at least three prior assessments, and subject-specific components of a state assessment do count as separate tests. Since the TVAAS calculations have to include sufficient prior testing history, if some of the students in the class did not have sufficient prior testing history, they would not be included in the calculations.

Students that were claimed by a teacher but were labeled as part-time during the linkage process due to insufficient instructional days would not be included in the individual growth score calculation.