Through a partnership with RANDA Solutions, the department developed and launched TNCompass, an educator talent management system that securely collects, stores, and displays evaluation, licensure, preparation, discipline, experience, and compensation data for all educators in Tennessee. This user-friendly platform, in place since 2015, integrates and supports the work of multiple divisions within the department and the state board of education while consistently earning high satisfaction ratings from district and school-level stakeholders. To set up or access an account, please visit note that TNCompass only supports evaluation models that are approved by the State Board of Education in policy 5.201.

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Recent TNCompass Updates 

In response to feedback from the Tennessee Educator Survey, the department will launch a new observation feature in the TNCompass platform for the 2021-22 school year. Within the observation scoring template, observers will now see:

  • A dropdown menu for selecting the reinforcement and refinement indicators.
  • A required open text box to capture specific feedback associated with both the reinforcement and refinement indicators.
  • A required open text box to capture clear next steps for the educator and/or the evaluator.

As a result of these changes, Tennessee educators will now be able to clearly view the actionable feedback and next steps provided by their evaluators throughout the observation process.

Past TNCompass Updates

For 2019-20, evaluations should be coded as COVID19 PYE (partial year exemption) in TNCompass. Instructions for completing the COVID19 PYE process can be found here.

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