2022-2023 Portfolio Lead Monthly Office Hours

To support district and charter portfolio leads, the department will host monthly office hours to walk portfolio leads through implementation processes, resources, the platform and provide you with a network of other portfolio leads.

Date, Time  Topic  PowerPoint  Recording
July 21, 1p.m. Intro to the portfolio lead role, responsibilities, resources available on the TEAM website.  PDF   Video
August 18, 1p.m. CT  Intro to the portfolio platform: Portfolium
September 15, 1p.m. CT  Rostering guidance  PDF  Video
October 20, 1 p.m. CT  Roster completion  PDF  Video
January 19, 1p.m. CT  Roster verification and PYE  PDF  Video
February 16, 1p.m. CT  Portfolium reports  PDF  Video
March 16, 1p.m. CT Monitoring teacher submission status and completions  PDF  Video
April 20, 1p.m. CT  Finalizing portfolio implementation
May 11, 1 p.m. CT  Reviewing Teachers’ Final Scores