Teacher Evaluation


Teachers are the most important factor influencing student success. The goal of the TEAM evaluation process is to provide educators with a model that helps them continuously improve their practice. A complete picture of what goes on in the classroom is essential to driving educator improvement; therefore, we want to look at how teachers deliver instruction and what students learn from those lessons. By using observations and data together, TEAM allows teachers and school leaders to have an ongoing dialogue about how what happens in the classroom impacts student performance. Ultimately, growth in a teacher’s skills leads to growth in student achievement.





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Frequently Asked Questions

Level of Overall Effectiveness (LOE) Scale

Qualitative data, student growth data, and student achievement data are all combined to create a scale score (score range) between 100 and 500. Due to legislative changes made during the 2013 legislative sessions, the calculations for overall levels of effectiveness depend on whether a teacher has an individual growth score or a school- or system-wide growth score.

   Score Range   Level of Overall Effectiveness (LOE) Scale
  <200     1
  200-274.99     2
  275-349.99     3
  350-424.99     4
  425-500     5