Growth Measures

Districts, schools and educators will not receive individual, school, district, or custom/feeder TVAAS scores for the 2019-20 school year. Assessments administered in fall 2019 will not be used for any score calculation. Find more guidance about COVID-19 impact on educator evaluation here.


The quantitative portion of an educator’s level of overall effectiveness (LOE) score combines student growth and achievement. The student-growth score comprises 35 percent of an educator’s level of overall effectiveness.


Tested teachers with individual value-added scores

Student growth measures are comprised of TVAAS scores. Find more information about TVAAS here.

Teachers who do not have individual TVAAS scores

Districts choose from a list of options that have been shown capable of measuring student growth. The list of options is approved by the state board of education prior to the start of each school year. The current list of options includes:

Principals and other school administrators who spend at least fifty percent of their time on administrative duties

Student growth measures are the school-level value-added score. Find more information about TVAAS and value-added scores here.