Growth Measures



The quantitative portion of an educator’s level of overall effectiveness (LOE) score combines student growth and achievement. The student growth score comprises 35 percent of an educator’s level of overall effectiveness.

There are several types of growth measures that represent the student growth component:

  1. Individual value-added scores (TVAAS) are automatically included in the LOE for applicable educators. For more information on TVAAS, please visit the TVAAS page.
  1. Individual student growth portfolio scores are automatically included in LOE for non-tested educators who participate in a student growth portfolio model. For more information on student growth portfolios, please visit the Portfolio Resources page.
  1. Individual alternative growth measure (AGM) scores via a Tennessee state board approved universal reading screener are automatically included in the LOE for K-2 educators who participate in an AGM. For more information on state board approved universal reading screeners, email For more information on alternative growth measures, visit the Alternative Growth Measures page.
  1. School, district, and custom composites are uploaded by the district for applicable educators. More information regarding composites can be found in the 2022-23 Growth Measure Selection Guidance.