High-Quality Feedback

Evidence from the Tennessee Educator Survey indicates that educators look to their principals for feedback on their instruction, strengths, and areas of growth. Principals and district leaders also overwhelmingly share that they see instructional leadership as their primary role.

The ready-to-implement High-Quality Feedback Workshop provides district leaders and lead principals the tools and resources to conduct a professional learning session based on local, observer-generated data. This professional learning session is designed to support continuous, reflective improvement in the instructional leadership practices of principals and assistant principals, with the ultimate goals of improvement in teacher practice and student outcomes through well-crafted observation feedback.

This professional learning package contains all the materials needed to implement the session at the local level, including:

  • a facilitator guide with instructions for creating a district-specific version of all materials,
  • a slide deck including presenter script and delivery notes, including embedded suggestions for in-person and virtual content delivery,
  • a materials file with all required handouts, including tools to support skill development for participants, and
  • a communications file with email templates you may use when communicating with participants.

For implementation support, please contact TEAM.Questions@tn.gov.

Facilitator Preparation Guide