In partnership with RANDA Solutions, the department has developed TNCompass, the platform that integrates educator evaluation and licensure information. This platform replaces CODE, the previous website for evaluation information. Note that CODE access is no longer available. To set up or access your account, please visit

Please note that TNCompass is unable to support evaluation models that are not approved by State Board of Education. We encourage those schools, charter operators, and/or districts using alternate models to apply for state board approval through the designated approval process.  For more information on the approval process, see policy 5.201 here.

TNCompass Updates for 2018-19

To enhance the evaluator and TEAM configurator experience in the platform, here is a description of updated evaluation components within TNCompass for 2018-19. With technical questions, please reach out to

TNCompass User Guides

A quick start guide is available below, as well as instructions for batch importing growth and achievement measures at the district level. These guides are also available on the TNCompass homepage upon user login; further guidance will be provided as significant system enhancements occur.

General Guidance

Guidance for Evaluation Administrators, Superintendents, and Superintendent Designees

Identifying Educators Who Have Not Registered for TNCompass

Tennessee educators are encouraged to create an account and add/update their email address in TNCompass, as important licensure information is sent through TNCompass to the email on file. TNCompass provides a report to determine which district or school educators have not registered for TNCompass. Individuals who are assigned in TNCompass as Regional Administrator, District Administrator, HR Administrator, HR Administrator (licensing), or Principal have the ability to run this report. Individuals who are assigned one of these roles may run this report by following the steps listed below:

  • Under the Reports tab, click Reports for reports type
    • If you have access to multiple locations or entire districts, click on Location to modify the locations being searched.
    • If you have access to one location, there is no need to click the Location section.
  • On the report drop down, click Staff Assignments
  • Under report format, click Excel
  • To generate a separate Excel file report, click Generate to generate a separate Excel file

This report provides educator names, staff assignments, license numbers, and email addresses. The last column in the report is TNC User. If this column is coded Yes, the educator has registered for TNCompass. If this column is coded No, the educator has not registered for TNCompass. The report can be filtered by the No responses to determine which district or school educators have not registered for TNCompass.

Further Updates and Support

Please expect further communication via the weekly TEAM Update when the site has added functionality. For fastest response regarding TNCompass functionality issues, please email For other questions related to evaluation, email us at