Training Materials

Click the links below to download materials for 2017-18 TEAM training. These materials are available for use with online recertifications; a note about updates for 2017-18 is available here: TEAM Training Updates 2017-18 (PDF). 2016-17 Early Learning Model training documents are also available below.

Teacher Evaluator Training and Online Recertification Materials

Administrator Evaluator Training Materials

Early Learning Model (ELM) Aug. 2016 – Chapter 1

Early Learning Model (ELM) November 2016 – Chapter 2

Early Learning Model (ELM) February 2016 – Chapter 3

Early Learning Model (ELM) April 2016 – Chapter 4

Integrated Leadership Course 2016-17

*Please note: these documents were developed and printed in April 2016 in preparation for summer trainings. Please be sure to visit the Statute & Policy and Evaluation Guidance pages for the latest updates on 2015-16 and 2016-17 evaluation policy and guidance.